Gemstones, which are popularly known as gems can be precious or semi-precious stone that are known to be appealing and will usually be valuable. Gems will usually be cut and polished so that it can be used in different jewelry and various other decorations as well. The shades of gems are attractive. From the amazing rubies to the rich hues, form sapphires to emeralds, such gems are usually known to be fascinating and will surely look beautiful on whoever wears them. Gemstones are usually rare and hence are known to have great value. This quick guide is aimed at teaching you a little bit all about gemstones.

Buying Gemstones

The different varieties of precious stones usually include synthetic, natural and imitation stones of different shapes, color and sizes. Below mentioned is a brief guide that will give you an idea of the different gemstones.

Natural Coloured Gemstones

The natural stones are such stones that are caused in the nature without any kind of human interference. The prices of such gemstones are usually influenced by quality, desirability and availability.

naturally colored gemstones

Gemstone Treatments

The major natural stones will require treatment to enrich the look. The heat and radiation helps in changing and enriching of colors. Diffusion helps in deepening the color within the outer layer of the stone. If there are any cracks, waxes and oils are made use as a part of fillers. A few treatments applied are permanent. Treated gems are a good option to buy when you know that, what you are buying and paying a price that reveals the true quality of stones.

Synthetic Coloured Gemstones

Synthetic coloured stones have the similar chemical, physical and optical qualities just as in natural stone. Here the difference lies in the truth that such synthetics are actually done in a lab. These have been in existence for a long time. However the modern technology is such that such stones are difficult to be differentiated from the natural equivalents.

Factors to be considered before buying Gemstones

An important factor that should be considered before buying gems is that you should be able to identify it’s colors. These are in fact available in different shades. The best and real gems have purely a natural color and does not contain overtones. These are strongly saturated. So, the 3 essential aspects that relates to color that have to be considered are hue, tone and saturation. Once the color is considered, the cut, clarity and size should be considered. Pure gems will actually be clear without any kind of visible inclusions and are extremely valuable when compared to such gems which have visible internal flaws in them. The untreated gems are actually rare and are extremely expensive as well.

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